Programs & Projects

  These are the God given projects and programs that T.O.P.S. has blessed Evangelist Kenneth Glasgow with and it is his vision through God to see that every church and every ministry takes a hand in seeing that they come to pass. We thank those who have supported us in the initial formation of T.O.P.S. and look forward to those who God is willing to present to support the ministry in the future.  
The Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program
Early Intervention and Mentoring Program
Drug Prevention and Addiction Assistance Program
After School Program
Adult Literacy Program
Hunger and Homelessness Prevention
The Mentoring Program/ Big Brother Big Sister - Togetherhood
City Prayer Watch
Counseling Ministries
Youth Ministry
Widows’ Ministry
Elderly Project

Residential Discipleship Programs
Tent Revivals
Prison/Jail Ministry
Radio Ministry on WQLS 1210 AM
Ex-Felons Voters Rights Restored
Domestic Violence Counseling